Client with her Mirror-Portrait

Client with her Mirror-Portrait


Create more inner peace, intuition and empowered empathy through esoteric practices…

An Intuitive Healing package involves 4 focused sessions over a period of a month to create more inner peace, intuition and empowered empathy through esoteric practices such as Hypnosis, Akashic Field Therapy™ and Energy Healing. The structure and content of these 4 sessions vary depending on the client’s unique needs. Some services can only be offered in person, while others online.

Clients who have completed an Intuitive Healing package report a feeling of emotional and energetic release associated with limiting traumas, fears, beliefs and patterns. They become more intuitively aware of how these patterns are operating in their lives and determine coping strategies to move forward.


See and accept the powerful wholeness within yourself through a transformative Mirror-Portrait…

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For clients seeking to further ascend in their development, D.M. Musgrave offers Mirror-Portrait transformations where she works with the energy of a client through a painting she creates. Getting a Mirror-Portrait by Musgrave involves working with her through a combination of intuitive practices (Hypnosis, Akashic Field Therapy™ and Energy Healing depending on the location) over three months for her to get an image of the client’s patterns and energy. The ending of these sessions is the unveiling of the Mirror-Portrait, which leaves the client with a reflection of the development and transformation that has gone on in the previous weeks. The Mirror-Portrait acts as a memento with coded information specific to the client to remind, amplify and activate the experience.


Experience the combined benefits of group hypnosis with art appreciation…

In addition to one-on-one sessions with clients, Musgrave leads workshops focused on developing positive skills through mindful viewing and making of art. For instance, she led a Mindful Guided Art workshop in 2019 at the AX: Centre for Arts and Culture in Sussex which combined a hypnotic mediation and multi-sensory experiences to aid viewers in trusting their intuition while looking at art. Musgrave believes the intuition, empowered empathy and mindfulness developed in these group sessions are valuable skills that assist in leadership, discernment, resilience, learning, creativity and wellbeing.


Disclaimer: Intuitive Healing, Mirror-Portraits, Hypnosis, Energy Healing/Medicine, Akashic Field Therapy™, Mindful Guided Art, the term “artist-healer,” as well as, the website title “Art is the Healer” are not meant to treat any physical or emotional ailments that should be evaluated by a medical doctor or psychiatrist. If you feel you need a doctor or psychiatrist you are advised to consult one. These methods are to be used as a personal development and/or spiritual growth modalities and should not take the place of qualified medical advice