“There have been numerous shifts in my personal life since beginning energy healing work with Musgrave. For the last 6 months we have used Akashic Field Therapy™, Energy Healing and Hypnosis to work on my subconscious. Some observations that I've made include the physical manifestation of thoughts and my intuition regarding delicate matters checking out to be true…The "clearing" involved in energy healing has opened up more space in my mind which allows me to experience and articulate my intuition; turning a feeling into thoughts and speaking them with confidence. Such observations have become more objective and less critical, especially with myself… Since working with Musgrave (particularly since she began painting my Mirror-Portrait) I experienced multiple dreams that included triangles and the number one… Synchronicity has played the largest part in making me aware of my surroundings at any given moment. Although these are new ideas and experiences for me, they are intense and seem to be happening so frequently that they cannot be ignored. ” ~Nienke (2019) 

“I was immediately intrigued by Musgrave’s proposal for a Mirror-Portrait. Believing that all creation, especially those in the visual arts, are born from the need to express what the word cannot, I felt this portrait had the opportunity to both capture my nature, as well as, provide some healing opportunities. The process consisted of examining energies through a variety of means, including contemplation, conversations, texts, akasha explorations and metaphysical hypnosis. This process reveals both a deeply intimate portrait of the me, but also touches on universal aspects of being. Thoughts and feeling buried in both my near and distant pasts were exhumed and brought to light. Synchronistic events and insights presented themselves over the weeks we worked together. Beautiful and fascinating ideas emerged from the depths, and other times strange and confusing shadows appeared that I will continue to examine. These activities were indeed healing and the people and events of my life are today observed with a greater sense of loving awareness.” ~ Douglas (2019)

"In 2016 I went to Musgrave for a hypnosis session regarding the asthma I have suffered with since I was a child. She put me into a very deep, relaxed state and gave me an "anchor" to use when I am short of breath. It worked! After my session I walked home using the anchor - up Watson St. on the west side. This is a very steep hill and has been known to cause me some difficulty. That day I walked up without a care in the world! When I remember to use it, the anchor still works." ~Max Rumson (2016)

"Musgrave, I would just like to offer huge gratitude for the Akashic Field Therapy™ sessions you did with me. They really were the most amazing & enlightening experiences. I feel you were able to explain, in such an uncomplicated way, the recurring feelings and blocks I'd been experiencing but hadn't quite understood or been able to vocalize before. I had quite a few "light bulb" moments, my body would respond with intense tingles at what you were saying as these words resonated on some level. After my very first session I felt a positive shift/a release of those repressed feelings. The last session we did, although not the same question/issues, provided both clarity & freedom... I feel lighter, unencumbered and free to move forward on my life path now. Your sessions & follow up correspondence were professional, insightful, yet uncomplicated. I thank you for your wisdom, warmth & kindness. ~ Amanda Smith (2016)

"Receiving an Akashic Field Therapy™ session from Musgrave is like receiving a spiritual wake up call. She brings light to what is right in front of you yet you are unable to see. Musgrave uses Akashic Field Therapy™ to name underlying problems, or as I think of them, those "dysfunctional tendencies" we just can't seem to kick; things you know must change but you can't quite face or figure out. Maybe the false belief is so deep you don't know it's there. We all experience trauma in our life, but rarely do we have the ability to see how this might impact our future actions and lead to further and repetitive trauma (like that friend who keeps following the same bad relationship patterns, dating variants of the same person over and over, yet cannot see the big picture). Through Akashic Field Sessions, awareness is the key which helps you to face the root of your woes or demons, and acts as a catalyst for growth. Dee provides affirmations to help release the old and unwanted thinking/beliefs (whether they be traumas, fears, criticisms etc). I've been able to effectively grow despite adversity in my own life using the guidance I've gained through Akashic Field Sessions. I've let go of some deep negative beliefs I had simply accepted about my life, and by doing so became more self-aware, confident and courageous as a person." Mel

"Thanks so much for the amazing first two sessions! My mind has officially been blown! You're an incredibly powerful woman. Thanks so much for doing what you do!" Christy Lister (2016)