D.M. Musgrave is a professional artist who works with intuitive practices such as Hypnosis, Dowsing and Energy Healing not only to create but, to assist clients to embrace inner peace, intuition and empowered empathy. Through her Mirror-Portraits, she invites clients to see the powerful wholeness within, step into their courageous creator cause and to explore the mysterious of the human experience.


As a researcher she is devoted to esoteric examination and promoting what she defines as, the archetype of the “artist-healer" and “transformative art.” She advocates that there is something inherently healing about viewing high quality art, being in a mindfully designed space, working directly with an artist, the personal meaning making that comes with symbols and the rituals that surround art creation or performance.


In 2019, she completed her thesis titled “Connecting Crossmodal Interactions in Visual Music to create ‘Mindful’ Experiences” as part of her Master of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of New Brunswick. She used her research to develop Mindful Guided Art workshops which combine group hypnosis, art appreciation and multi-sensory experiences. She sees this research as connected to her interests in audiovisual entrainment, visual music, theories of consciousness related to vibration, synchronicity, resonance and abnormal perceptional experiences, such as synesthesia. She is actively seeking research to support and connect her areas of interests in order to integrate it with metaphysical practices within her painting process.



Her approach when working with each clients is unique and combines multiple practices. Her training includes:

Master of Interdisciplinary Studies (2019) - UNB
Bachelor of Education (2008)- UNB
Bachelor of Fine Arts (2005)- MTA
N.G.H. Consulting Hypnotist Certification
Metaphysical Hypnosis Certification
Spiritually Based Hypnosis Certification
Akashic Field Therapy™ (Level 3: Practitioner) 
Dowsing (Level 2) 
CCMBA (Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment) / CCSMC (Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing)
Reiki (Level 2) 

Regardless of your experience, positive changes in one's life can be achieved by going within oneself though intuitive practices and art. Musgrave provides a safe and guided environment that will assist you on your journey. To work with her simply contact her at this link.



Disclaimer: INTUITIVE HEALING, MIRROR-PORTRAITS, Hypnosis, Energy Healing, Akashic Field Therapy™, MINDFUL GUIDED ART, the term “artist-healer,” as well as, the website title ART IS THE HEALER are not meant to treat any physical or emotional ailments that should be evaluated by a medical doctor or psychiatrist. If you feel you need a doctor or psychiatrist you are advised to consult one. These methods are to be used as a personal development and/or spiritual growth modalities and should not take the place of qualified medical advice.